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Trisha Lewis

Apparently Boris Johnson has it and his counterpart Keir lacks it. The ‘it’ is known as ‘charisma’. But what is it and what use is it to you?

In a recent interview, Sky’s political editor Beth Rigby used the charisma word when she asked Sir Keir:

“Do you sometimes feel…

‘Oh you shouldn’t do it that way… ’

‘I’ve got a better idea… why don’t you…’

‘I’ve come up with a plan for you…’

‘That’s just a pipe dream … get real.’

And there it goes.

Your independent thought. Your open door to making mistakes. Your voyage of discovery.


Feel the fear and do it — step by step over a rickety bridge over water

You have heard the first part of this phrase trotted out — and you might have read the classic book by Susan Jeffers. But — how can you really approach the message behind this well-known phrase?

Try this realistic approach — step by step bravery. Feel the fear — get…

‘I never said that!’ And then it starts — hurt, anger, self-sabotage sadness. What is going on and do you have a stop button?

Photo by Mason Kimbarovsky

I was listening to a caller on a radio phone-in about doctors not seeing patients face to face — and how awful they are!

The caller…

Christiano Ronaldo boots on display at Santiago Bernabeu

Next time you agnoise over the number of ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ on your social media — stop and regain your instrinsic motivation!

Don’t get sucked in by the ‘Ronaldo phenomenon’ trap.

Ronaldo announced his transfer to Manchester United on Instagram and inspired 13 million people to press ‘like’.

His iconic ‘Ronaldo 7’ replica kit broke the daily record for shirt sales!

If only you could be like Ronaldo.

You refresh your LinkedIn…

The ‘meaning of life’ is no longer as clear as it was once supposed to have been. Never have so many humans been uncertain about their larger purpose beyond their daily grind and nightly pleasures. Old assumptions threaten to collapse, leaving one naked. Many people’s assumptions have already collapsed and…

Fear of being a disappointment sad face carved in stone

It seems we don’t just describe films or parties as disappointments — we describe ourselves as being a disappointment!

‘They expect so much from me — I can only disappoint them.’

No harm in the occasional ‘self-lecture’ when you mess up due to lack of preparation or you swear at…

Picture the scene.

You have an opportunity to do a short presentation at an event. You know it would be good for building your credibility, visibility and connections.

You have an interesting story to tell and you know your stuff but…

something is standing in your way.


Is it…

You have worked hard growing your business but your ‘gut’ — or ‘gut brain’ — is sending inexplicable ‘warning’ signals.

Something isn’t right.

Maybe you -

  • are going to bed or waking up with less enthusiasm than you feel you should have.
  • have taken on advice about things like content…

3 Things I learnt from crying at a networking event.

Unplanned crying holds lessons for us all.

Crying with you best mate — fine. Crying at a virtual networking event — is that ok?

Short answer — yes.

Longer answer involves a bit more context.

Let me share a short story of my recent real crying moment…

Trisha Lewis

Writing about all the stuff that has an impact on our impact. Communication skills and mindset. Author of The Mystery of The Squashed Self.

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