Trisha Lewis

How to engage people without being a class clown.

Why we allow our nascient plans to be squashed under ‘know it all’ boots.

Are you only ‘truly meaningful’ if you have over 315.81 million followers?

Christiano Ronaldo boots on display at Santiago Bernabeu

Next time you agnoise over the number of ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ on your social media — stop and regain your instrinsic motivation!

How our self-worth is sabotaged by a skewed sense of what it takes to be‘meaningful’

How an excess of empathy, arrogance and expectation fuel your disappointment fear.

Fear of being a disappointment sad face carved in stone

Is it lack of confidence or low self-esteem that holds us back from being more visible?

Trisha Lewis

Writing about all the stuff that has an impact on our impact. Communication skills and mindset. Author of The Mystery of The Squashed Self.

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