Are you hiding your achievements?

Why do you water down your achievements — when you really don’t need to?

FIBs that hold us back. Fears, illusions and baggage.

Fears Illusions Baggage graphic illustration FIBs that hold us back Trisha Lewis

Hiding achievements out of a fear of ‘not being liked’

Hiding achievements because we believe we ‘won’t being liked’

Hiding achievements because of what happened at school!

Sharing your achievements is not showing off.

  • There is a big difference between being an obnoxious ‘show off’ and simply celebrating a well deserved achievement.
  • If they have a problem with my achievement — it is their problem! They have a wobbly self-esteem thing going on — be compassionate but stay in the driving seat!
  • I don’t just share my achievements — I share my ‘mess ups and muddles’.



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Trisha Lewis.

Human communication fascinates me. How we squash or boost confidence and connection. TEDx Speaker, coach and author. No more Self Squashing®