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Trisha Lewis - Unsquashed!
4 min readDec 2, 2020

You want to get comments but you also want to be true to you. Is there a non-contrived way to write a catchy post on Linkedin?

Writing a bland fact or two — doesn’t say much about you and might not clamp onto the story receptors in your readers.

How can you increase the impact of your posts in an authentic and original way?

Use the ‘sweet spot of impact’ formula — it works a treat.

What is the ‘sweet spot of impact’?

It is where these overlap

  1. Real you
  2. Real them
  3. Real world

Let me demonstrate by weaving some of my unique story into the mix.

Stories are great at catching and keeping attention.

As Achim Nowak reminds us:

Stories just make sense. They provide a magical way of opening a door into our lives.

To work through the process, I will use a 2021 ‘real world’ news about the collapse of Debenhams — this is my ‘real world’ hook.

Now I will find a ‘real me’ story that connects to this and then ensure it resonates with my audience — the ‘real them’ part.

Real me

In 1970, my teenage self, armed with a birthday gift voucher, gleefully purchased my first album — an LP in a sleeve. A record to take home to my record player.

I flicked through the the units packed with creative images covering vinyl full of the sounds of the seventies. This was the record department of the Guildford branch of Plummers — later called Debenhams.

My choice — Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass — America.

Classy for a 13 year old.

Two years before this — that same basement had looked more like a dirty swimming pool following the floods that caused the River Wey to become one with the high street.

Whilst this wasn’t good news for everyone — it did mean a ‘flood damage sale’!

I remember rummaging around looking for jumpers and shirts in my size and to my taste. Everything was priced at pennies. Everything was wrapped in flood damaged cellophane.

Not sure this would be allowed these days.

Around this same time, I remember the treat of visiting the top floor restaurant which had an eat-all-you-want ‘smorgasbord’ of treasures such as ‘herring in creamy mayonnaise’… very modern. I would salivate as I carefully picked out my favourites from the vast array of scrumptious delights.

Now let’s link this to ‘real them’ — your audience.

In this case the audience is small business owners.

How can we make the link?

The theme — Finding the treasure takes time.

Real them

At this point we might well employ the power of analogy.

We are going to compare a business action to something that will resonate from everyday experience.

Using concepts that are already familiar to the reader, we bounce them off idea trampolines to take them pleasantly to new heights of understanding.

John Espirian — Content DNA

This is the link delivered as a business message:

Finding your uniqueness that will create your brand, content and drive your business requires a lot of rummaging around. You need to chuck out the stuff that doesn’t fit or excite you. You need to let the flood of over-thinking subside and then search for the delicious undamaged treasure.

Now back to the news item that inspired this. This is the ‘real world’ part of the equation.

There will always be a news item, anniversary or newly released film to inspire your sweet spot work.

Real world

The collapse of Debenhams department store.

To sum up

By finding links between you, them and the real world you create content that reveals a little bit of you whilst making it about them.

You are not just creating same old, same old content about a news item — you are adding your personal touch. You take something that will resonate and make it relevant — with a healthy dollop of real you.

Now that is a delicious smorgasbord.

I use this method with clients when working on pitches to talks, videos to articles.

Ba Boom — over to you! Can you take a ‘real you’ memory, a recent news item and find the sweet spot where it will resonate with your Linkedin audience?

It will take practice — and you should never expect overnight fame on social media platforms if you want to remain truly you — consistent and credible.

All things human are explored in ‘The Mystery of the Squashed Self’. Available on Amazon — other booksellers to follow.

I have a YouTube Channel with videos on this topic and other communication and confidence tips and I post regularly on LinkedIn.

I work with clients on being visible as them — confidence growing and clarity. Ditching baggage, sharing story and practicing performance. Details at



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