How labels limit our self-belief.

Question your uninvited and self-stuck labels.

Labels stuck on by others

How many times did you get labelled as you were growing up?

I am not saying your parents, friends and teachers were being deliberately unhelpful — they were just being human.

  • She’s the arty one
  • He’s the sporty one
  • She’s always been a trier
  • He is the genius of the class
  • An extrovert through and through
  • A shy soul
  • You don’t want to cross her!
  • You will struggle to beat him!

So what’s the problem?

Personality is not a fixed thing.

Labels you stick on yourself

You don’t need others to label you when you are so skilled at doing it to yourself!

3 label-removing actions

  1. Reverse engineer. The stuff that frustrates you about yourself — what is going on? Unpack — and detect the influence of old labels.
  2. Question your definitions. ‘Business-y’ or ‘Sales-y’ — who says? Are you blindly going along with out-dated definitions? Are you taking on definitions given to you by society or ‘guru’s — and ignoring your own values?
  3. Put some new labels on! They don’t have to stay on — but give them a go. Get curious and step out of your comfort-zone. Learn!



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Trisha Lewis.

Human communication fascinates me. How we squash or boost confidence and connection. TEDx Speaker, coach and author. No more Self Squashing®