How to do Self-esteem and Confidence

Is it lack of confidence or low self-esteem that holds us back from being more visible?

What is self-esteem?

  1. Self-acceptance
  2. Self-responsibility
  3. Self-assertiveness
  4. Living purposefully
  5. Personal integrity

What is confidence?

Confidence involves competence

As your competence in something increases, so does your confidence.

Can you build a greater sense of self-esteem and confidence?

Good news.

7 steps to grow your self-esteem and confidence and break down your public speaking reluctance.

  1. Find a message that gets you enthusiastic — you want to share — you know it will resonate and give value/entertainment/perspective insight/practical knowledge…
  2. Prepare a short talk — with and without some slides (don’t make the slides the important bit). Consider doing a few posts and even videos — on a key aspect of your topic — soft launch by posting on your favourite, friendly platform.
  3. Find a ‘try-out’ opportunity — with audience. Informal, fun, your tribe etc.
  4. Learn, observe, try again — repeat.
  5. Recognise your competence — own it — let it be part of your confidence.
  6. Be nicer to yourself!
  7. Don’t fall into the comparisonitis trap. Value your value.

Writing about all the stuff that has an impact on our impact. Communication skills and mindset. Author of The Mystery of The Squashed Self.