Are you meaningful enough?

How our self-worth is sabotaged by a skewed sense of what it takes to be‘meaningful’

  • I haven’t got any original ideas.
  • Without a decent online presence, I might as well be invisible.
  • I haven’t got a bestseller, Ted talk, and I am not a Doctor of anything. I don’t really count.

The ‘Meaningful Meaning of Meaningful Movement’

I just started it!

  • Having over 20K followers.
  • Being an international keynote speaker.
  • Having at least one best selling, much vaunted book — one that that changes the world.
  • Being crazily controversial and getting onto panels on TV.
  • Surving horrific, internationally known events.
  • Losing the weight of a small house and sailing around the world in a tin.
  • Being rehabilitated and going on to proffer saintly support to those who used to be like you.

Take meaningful action — step by meaningful step.

Seven soul-enriching , world healing forces of real meaninfulness.

It starts with you. Write your definition of ‘being meaningful’.

  1. Make copious space for imperfection and exploration.
  2. Maintain and nurture a growth mindset.
  3. Attach value to the small stuff — such as the gift of a smile to a passer-by.
  4. Find the point in a moment in time, rather than searching for it in the entirety of your whole existence — including the unknown future.
  5. Feel compassion for those who search for their ‘meaningful’ in the ellusive validation of others.
  6. Don’t be fooled by messages that imply you must be original or unconventional to be meaningful.

How I turned down the ‘you are meaningless’ inner script and turned up my self-worth.

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